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please deactivate services by default!


I have some services found being activated by default that should be
removed for the following reasons:

1. sendmail: starts way too slow, is not usefull for any normal desktop
user I know. Making it usefull requires configuration so I assume
wohever uses that service _can_ activate it.

2. ip6tables: I do not know of any provider actually working with ipv6.
So I assume the mass of all users do not need it.

3. isdn: isdn requires configuration and thus should be set to start
when that config is actually done.

4. setroubleshootd: That service also takes long to boot, but its quite
usefull. I wonder if one could make auditd start setroubleshootd when
required - having two daemons working on base of the same informations
seems not very clever.

So, now go on and punsh me ;)

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