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Re: please deactivate services by default!

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Wed, 2008-09-24 at 18:30 -0500, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
Ok, so you still broke cron? I use cron for backups. I care about getting that output delivered. For similar people not reading this list, how are you going to ensure that their jobs still run and their output still gets delivered like they're used to?

Which is why we shouldn't be using local delivery for this stuff.
Instead we should ask in firstboot where you'd want the mail delivered

Ok, that's acceptable just as long as "local delivery" is still a choice and ensures that sendmail gets installed. And as long as upgrading doesn't break systems where this currently works. (And as long as cron can still deliver notifications... for which we still need a mail daemon.)

Otherwise... well, I can paint some horror scenarios if you really want me to ;-).

Please do not quote my e-mail address unobfuscated in message bodies.
I was recently amused by issuing 'rm -rf $KDEDIR'... from Konsole, while in a KDE session. And nothing bad happened whatsoever. Try THAT on Windows :-D.

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