Do we care about /sbin /bin linked to /usr/lib ?

Bill Crawford billcrawford1970 at
Fri Sep 26 10:55:24 UTC 2008

On Friday 26 September 2008 02:02:44 Chris Snook wrote:
> Steve Grubb wrote:
> > /bin/rpm uses something in /usr
> I don't see why the above need to be in /bin or /sbin.

It can help in (admittedly quite odd situations) where you need to, say, 
reinstall grub or a kernel because you broke something ;o) Also, admittedly, in 
that case, I was able to mount /usr before proceeding, but if the package I'd 
needed to reinstall was providing "mount" and that was broken ... meh. I know 
we have rescue disks, but there are still machines without working optical 
drives. Honestly, there are. Now, adding a "rescue" initrd would halfway help 
here ... think that thread died now though.

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