PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin replacing codeina

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Sep 29 10:26:18 UTC 2008

When I build the new version of PackageKit today, it will have a new
subpackage, PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin.

This provides the optional binary /usr/libexec/pk-gstreamer-install
which is symlinked to gst-install-plugins-helper.

This means we get UI like this rather than being
prompted to pay for codecs using codeina.

Should I just add:

Obsoletes: codeina < 0.10.1-8
Provides:  codeina = 0.10.1-8

to the gstreamer-plugin part of the spec file and be done away with
codeina? This would allow people to remove PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin
and install codeina if they really wanted, but by default we get the
"right" thing installed for the release.

Also, we can't do an "everything" install, as both packages provide the
gst-install-plugins-helper file. One option might be for the gstreamer
package to install a bash script gst-install-plugins-helper, which
directs to either codeina, or PackageKit.

So what I'm really asking is, do we really want people to be able to:

1. use codeina in F10
2. install PackageKit-gstreamer-plugin and codeina at the same time

Advice welcome.


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