future f12 test days

Frederick Kautz fkautz at pseudocode.cc
Fri Apr 3 03:01:17 UTC 2009

> It seems to me it would be much more sensible to spend time making the
> tools to convert CD/DVD's to LiveUSBs than to respin existing media in a
> new (and apparently more complicated) way.

Ubuntu takes this approach for creating a LiveUSB. They wrote a
program that takes a source ISO, copies it to USB, and makes it
bootable. A copy on write mechanism stores persistent changes (works
with LiveCD as well). Perhaps a similar model can be used for Fedora
development and testing. The copy on write mechanism would make it
easy to make changes, and revert to the original system. If your older
computer doesn't support booting from USB, you could boot from CD and
store the persistent changes to the USB while you test it.
Frederick F. Kautz IV

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