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Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Thu Apr 2 18:11:58 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-04-02 at 17:00 +0200, Christoph Höger wrote:

> a) we should _always_ have USB images ready. That should lower the
> testing costs to zero.

Well, we don't provide USB images for releases on the basis it's a waste
of space and bandwidth since you can simply convert them with the
script. I don't see why that reasoning doesn't hold for test days.

> b) we need public attention (aka PR), I already tried to get that into
> some german online media and phoronix for nouveau test day, but with
> little success (only prolinux.de reacted). I guess no one will make a
> headline for every testday, so it would be a good idea to bring
> attention to the test days (and the schedule) in the alpha release notes
> (and pounce the media on those). Some ambassadors having PR experience
> here?

Phoronix did run a story a few days later. I did get the nouveau day
onto OS News and Linux Today. It was also sent to digg but didn't get
voted up very high.

Test Days are already announced on -devel-list, -test-list, fedora
forums, my blog, and FWN.

Interestingly, I didn't promote the radeon test day to general-interest
media (only the Fedora-specific resources mentioned), and response was
pretty similar to the response for the nouveau test day, which did hit
some general-purpose media sites.

I don't think it's a good idea to spam general-interest news channels
with all our test days; we do at least one a week so it would get
irritating, and quite a few aren't really realistically going to get any
interest outside the Fedora project. I do plan to do news pumping on
specific days which are likely to have significant interest beyond the
Fedora community, like the nouveau day.

> c) make the test cases as automated as possible. Offer sending smolt
> profile (smoltGUI) and run test cases directly from the desktop. Also We
> should add a link (or the document itself) about how to test what and
> why to the desktop. If it's possible for the test generated results
> should also be posted automagically to the results page, or, if tests
> fail, bug reports could be created by bugbuddy.

These would all be nice, but we *are* running on a one-week cycle here,
it may be hard to get it all done. Assistance welcome. =) it's pretty
hard to automate some elements of some test cases, but some could
certainly be done with scripts etc.

It's worth noting the current test case and results system (especially
the results system...) are fairly ad-hoc. We are working within the QA
department on more advanced tools for managing test cases and results.

This discussion should probably move to fedora-test-list. CCing there.
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