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Re: noarch rpm feature query/issue

Peter Robinson wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have a query about the new noarch feature for building rpms. I have
> a package called gupnp-vala which the contents there of can be noarch.
> It built fine in koji as noarch so I presume it passed the rpmdiff or
> what ever is run against the rpms. But it contains a pkgconfig file
> which is located in /usr/lib or /usr/lib64 so pacakges built against
> it (none actually in Fedora yet, but one awaiting review) fail to
> build on either 32 or 64 bit platforms depending on which of the build
> packages gets the lime light.
> So my query is, I presume due to the pkgconfig this package shouldn't
> be noarch, so there must be a bug there somewhere which caused it to
> get past koji. But as its noarch AFAICT other than the location of the
> pkgconfig file it seems somewhat of a waste to lose the advantage of
> the noarch stuff for the sake of a pkgconfig file as I presume most
> devel packages could be noarch.
> Cheers,
> Peter
> BTW I see noarch packages are located in each of the separate arch
> trees as opposed to being in a noarch dir which looks like the
> advantage of the noarch in space saving isn't happening. What other
> advantages does it offer?
From what I can see of the gupnp-vala spec in the cvs repository, it's
not using the new noarch subpackage feature.  It's just trying to be a
regular noarch package.  (Those don't have any checks performed against
them so you have to be conscious of these by yourself).

I looked over the source tarball and it seems like you can make this a
noarch package by putting the pkgdconf file into %{_datadir}/pkgconfig/
instead of %{_libdir}/pkgconfig.


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