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Re: Looking for reviews swaps

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Le Mar 7 avril 2009 15:45, Rahul Sundaram a écrit :
Ralf Corsepius wrote:

I say Fedora is inconsiseent: These sound files, images, etc. are
free and qualify Fedora as "non-free". Fedora's separation between
"data" and "programs" is absurd.
So all OFL and Vera licensed fonts are non-free?

We do not classify fonts as data in Fedora. They have to pass the same
freeness requirements as programs.

For OFL, some people like Bruce Perens feel it's not protective enough
and almost akin to public domain

For Vera, DejaVu has been proving for years the FSF four freedoms
could be exercised.
Sure, esp. when taking "artistic rights" and "trademarks" into account. But that's not my point.

The only forbidden use-cases is use of the
original trademark and distribution for profit of naked fonts not
included in a larger software package, with the official FAQ
clarifying a standalone rpm is a larger package.
My point is: "Data" also is source.

Therefore, I consider it to be essential that this data may be
"reused/copied" (e.g. adding fonts or jpgs to applications)
and to be "modified" (e.g. to derive icons for applications) etc.

In this particular case, the license doesn't allow "commercial distribution" without their "frame-work".

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