My first DontZap use case while testing F11 beta

Paul Wouters paul at
Tue Apr 7 20:31:41 UTC 2009

My first fedora 11 beta run-in with not having dontzap set to false.

I have a dual twin setup. This already requires an xorg.conf file,
because in the no-config running, xorg decides you want to only use
one of the two screens it finds. I don't know why, I consider it a bug.

I configure it to have dual screen. When I login, my window manager dies
on me. My gnome panel only works in my left screen, but anything I
select pops up on the right screen, out of focus. I can move my mouse
into the other screen but I cannot get any focus. So I cannot get to a
terminal or any other application.

So I ctrl-alt-f2. Now my left monitor goes into standby mode and my
right monitor just shows a blinking cursor. The same for all VC's except
alt-f7 which brings me back to my broken X session.

I had to login via ssh to fix my machine, because I could not restart X.
Indeed, i did not have sysrq enabled yet, that's disabled per default it

+1 for reverting to the old behaviour of having ctrl-alt-backspace kill
the current X session.


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