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Re: rawhide report: 20090408 changes

2009/4/8 Orcan Ogetbil <oget fedora gmail com>
On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 11:16 AM, Peter Robinson wrote:
>>>>> Broken deps for ppc
>>>>> ----------------------------------------------------------
>>>>>       avahi-sharp-0.6.24-2.fc11.ppc requires mono(System) = 0:1.0.5000.0
>>>> [cut]
>>>>>       taglib-sharp- requires mono(mscorlib) =
>>>>> 0:
>>>>>       tasque-0.1.8-2.fc11.ppc requires mono-core
>>>>>       tasque-0.1.8-2.fc11.ppc requires mono-data-sqlite
>>>>>       themonospot- requires mono-core >= 0:1.2.3
>>>>>       webkit-sharp-0.2-1.fc11.ppc requires mono(mscorlib) = 0:1.0.5000.0
>>>> Why is there a huge number of broken mono dependencies, only in ppc.
>>>> Did we miss something?
>>> Read further up the mail where is states that mono on ppc has been
>>> disabled.
>>> Peter
>> But first of all, such change (i.e. disabling ppc support on mono package)
>> must not be done at this stage where F-11 final freeze comes very soon
>> (4/14).
>> If it cannot be done to fix the latest mono package to support ppc again,
>> the lastest mono package must be untagged.
> There has been a number of discussions about this on fedora-devel over
> the last week or so, check the archives for details.

What I don't understand is, shouldn't such a change that affects
dozens of packages go through FESCo? If it did, why did we not see an
announcement with BIG CAPITAL LETTERS with cream on top?

Not a FESco decision by a mile, it is a bug... patches welcome as always. You also were warned on -devel, several times in fact that we had this problem. _Nobody_ with ppc skills volunteered to help actually fix the problem so now it's disabled till the ppc arch team helps out with a solution. Nobody on the Mono SIG has the hardware to test this nor the in depth knowledge about the architecture to fix it. It has been reported to upstream as well so hopefully we will see this situation mended soon.

- David


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