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Re: rawhide report: 20090408 changes

2009/4/8 Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com>
On Wed, 2009-04-08 at 19:03 +0200, David Nielsen wrote:
> Patches welcome, we are not impeding progress and bugfixing on the archs
> actually can do it on and which users depend on because you demand we do so
> yet give us no help what so ever when we ask for it.
> When I suggested we disable PPC temporarily nobody said a thing in protest.
> You had your chance both to help and to object to the course of action.

If you don't get it fixed by the final freeze, we'll just epoch and
downgrade mono.  This kind of version change shouldn't really be made
after beta anyway.

The version change happened long before the beta, we have had SVN snapshots leading to 2.4 since the beginning of the F11 cycle. It was always the aim, stated to ship with it. It all of a sudden stopped compiling on PPC and nobody stepped forward for a clear solution. It's not like we bumped from 2.2 to 2.4 all of a sudden, it was a relatively minor change considering.

The last Mono to be compiled on PPC is close to 2.4, however we do not have some changes that was requested as well as the bugfixes in between. I am as of now unaware if the build failure is something that changed in the build system or Mono. Considering the relatively few changes that should be between the last SVN build and 2.4 final I am skeptical that it is the cause. Around the same time Mono started failing I also heard that PPC was acting weird for other people but that might be unrelated.

More in depth investigation is, and has been, requested. It's not like anyone enjoys leaving our users without a full Fedora experience regardless of their setup, it is a last resort to disable the build. It is however out of our hands, our capable PPC team will hopefully be able to track down the problem. I am hopeful they can put their thinking caps on and give us an answer as to what is causing it.

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