Rawhide debuginfo packages with no sources

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Wed Apr 8 20:07:43 UTC 2009


Quite a few packages that produce *-debuginfo without sources have crept again 
in rawhide.  See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Debuginfo for 
possible reasons, the most usual of which in my (past, haven't checked this 
batch that closely) experience is failure to honor $RPM_OPT_FLAGS during build 
which can also mean that the default security related compiler flags aren't 
being applied either.

List of such packages identified by my debuginfo-check.py is attached 
(ownership info generated with Thorsten's fedoradev-pkgowners).  I intend to 
submit debuginfo-check.py to yum-utils (probably as debugrepo-check) and have 
added a similar check in upstream svn rpmlint, hopefully with these additions 
people will start noticing the issues easier.
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Maintainer   Package                     Co-maintainers
aconway      rhm                         nsantos
alexlan      pvm                         (none)
amdunn       why                         (none)
athimm       mediawiki                   (none)
ausil        elftoaout                   pjones,spot,jima
awjb         multisync                   (none)
bjensen      colrdx                      sindrepb,sconklin,dp67
bonii        moe                         (none)
caolanm      sac                         (none)
ctyler       nled                        overholt
cweyl        perl-DBI-Dumper             perl-sig
cwickert     emelfm2                     (none)
dbhole       antlr                       (none)
dbhole       jakarta-commons-logging     overholt,kasal
dbhole       sinjdoc                     (none)
dcantrel     pyparted                    (none)
dcbw         csound                      pfj
dchen        libchewing                  i18n-team
dchen        tomoe-gtk                   i18n-team,ryo
deji         atlas                       deji
devrim       byaccj                      dbhole
devrim       postgresql-odbcng           (none)
devrim       regexp                      (none)
dledford     lam                         (none)
drepper      pfstools                    (none)
dwalluck     hamcrest                    (none)
dwheeler     zenon                       pertusus
fab          rfdump                      (none)
fab          timespan                    (none)
fnasser      gnu-getopt                  (none)
gemi         curry                       (none)
gemi         erlang                      (none)
gemi         GtkAda                      (none)
gemi         wings                       (none)
green        phasex                      (none)
guthrie      simplyhtml                  (none)
ianweller    csstidy                     (none)
ifoox        mysql-connector-java        (none)
itamarjp     balance                     (none)
ixs          ddrescue                    (none)
ixs          hevea                       (none)
jkeating     email2trac                  (none)
jmagne       esc                         (none)
jsafrane     freeipmi                    pknirsch
jsafrane     OpenIPMI                    pknirsch
jwrdegoede   elice                       (none)
jwrdegoede   lostlabyrinth               (none)
kasal        transfig                    pertusus
kdudka       curl                        (none)
konradm      genus2reduction             (none)
konradm      taginfo                     (none)
kvolny       vodovod                     (none)
langel       bouncycastle                langel,oget
laxathom     gammu                       (none)
limb         astromenace                 (none)
limb         planets                     mmahut
limb         wesnoth                     wtogami
linville     b43-fwcutter                (none)
makghosh     qps                         (none)
maxamillion  ninvaders                   (none)
maxamillion  shed                        (none)
mbooth       brazil                      (none)
mmahut       nightfall                   astronomy-sig
mwringe      xerces-j2                   (none)
oget         slv2                        (none)
orion        GMT                         pertusus
orion        wgrib2                      pertusus
ovasik       star                        mildew
overholt     jython                      jmatthews
pcheung      avalon-logkit               (none)
pcheung      concurrent                  (none)
pcheung      jakarta-commons-httpclient  akurtakov
pfj          mono-debugger               (none)
pvrabec      sectool                     jhrozek,mildew
rishi        osmo                        (none)
rrankin      denemo                      (none)
sconklin     splat                       bjensen,dp67
sergiopr     blitz                       (none)
sindrepb     xdotool                     (none)
snecker      libflaim                    (none)
tanguy       gperiodic                   (none)
terjeros     simdock                     (none)
thias        gentoo                      (none)
tuxbrewr     quassel                     (none)
twaugh       cups                        (none)
verdurin     gnomint                     (none)
wart         wormux                      (none)
wtogami      ldm                         toshio,pertusus,eharrison,ryan52
zprikryl     libtrash                    (none)
(orphan)     olpc-utils                  dcbw,johnp

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