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Re: rawhide report: 20090408 changes

David Nielsen (gnomeuser gmail com) said: 
> stated to ship with it. It all of a sudden stopped compiling on PPC and
> nobody stepped forward for a clear solution.

It was posted to the list what the likely reason why it was failing was.
It appears nothing was done about that?

> I am as
> of now unaware if the build failure is something that changed in the build
> system or Mono.

... "I don't know"

> Considering the relatively few changes that should be
> between the last SVN build and 2.4 final I am skeptical that it is the
> cause. Around the same time Mono started failing I also heard that PPC was
> acting weird for other people but that might be unrelated.

... "but I have unsubstantiated hearsay"

> More in depth investigation is, and has been, requested. It's not like
> anyone enjoys leaving our users without a full Fedora experience regardless
> of their setup, it is a last resort to disable the build. It is however out
> of our hands, our capable PPC team will hopefully be able to track down the
> problem.

... "so *I* (not the mono maintainer, *you*, personally - check the archives)
suggested we disable it. It's out of the mono team's hands now!"

Your magnamity and professionalism is appreciated.


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