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Re: rawhide report: 20090408 changes

>>>>> "DN" == David Nielsen  writes:


DN> Patches welcome, we are not impeding progress and bugfixing on the
DN> archs actually can do it on and which users depend on because you
DN> demand we do so yet give us no help what so ever when we ask for
DN> it.

DN> When I suggested we disable PPC temporarily nobody said a thing in
DN> protest.  You had your chance both to help and to object to the
DN> course of action.

I think the problem was in this situation that the implications of
what you were proposing weren't sufficiently spelt out.  I think this
was the e-mail where you suggested blocking ppc:


The problem is the subject and/or body should have had a big fat
warning like: "all mono-dependent apps such as banshee etc. will also
have to be blocked temporarily" to get people's attention above the
chaff of the high f-d-l traffic.

For example, when I looked at that e-mail I saw the keywords
"monodevelop", "blocking", "ppc" and assumed you were probably talking
about a single mono package, not the entire stack.  If I had realized
exactly what was being proposed, I'm sure I and others would have
spoken up.


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