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Building custom spins interactively for embedded targets

Hi all,

I've been looking recently for a piece of software that would allow me to build a custom, Fedora based distribution for an embedded system. Basically I would like the tool to:

1. Select yum meta-packages and gradually populate my distribution (fine grained selection) from the standard repositories.
2. The tool would automatically pull-in the dependencies
3. Visualize at any moment the associated rpm packages that I'm going to install (and cross-compile) on my target
4. Identify and determine the srpms that I have to cross-compile to my target
5. Create the basic build system environment for the cross-compilation, that's download the srpms to a location and provide a basic rpm repackaging scripts.
6. GUI based, if possible

Do you know if such a magic tool exists? It would be really awesome.. I'd like to prepare a Fedora environment for my Beagleboard, which is an OMAP, ARM based board.

Ilyes Gouta.

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