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Re: My first DontZap use case while testing F11 beta

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Orcan Ogetbil wrote:

I really don't know what to say. It feels like the probability of
burning my hair on the stove while sticking my foot in the freezer.

Regardless of which default setting you prefer, the clear evidence is
that people do end up doing it accidentally. It doesn't have to be a
majority necessarily. I know atleast one such case personally where a
friend of mine wanted to press control alt del and since the delete key
was close to the backspace key, he accidentally pressed it. When (you
are new to Linux ) you do it accidentally, the experience is apparently
quite disturbing since you often lose data and there is no indication
that it is a expected behaviour of the system rather than a crash.

Let me ask this, how many times after that first "learning experience" did your friend hit that key combo by accident again? Let me ask another question, does he use EMACS?(had to throw that in so you could say "stop with the conspiracy" one more time.) If he doesn't use emacs, the likelihood of him doing it again is about the same as him tripping over the power cord and pulling it from the wall. While possible, its not probable.
Ctl-alt-del is a well know Windows shortcut for rebooting but atleast
prompts before doing it (same thing happens in GNOME as well btw). I
personally think that the SUSE patch is a decent compromise and it looks
like fedora-setup-keyboard is going to make it a easy toggle in Fedora
as well.

Anyway, I opened a poll at fedoraforum about this:

I do wonder what will come out. Of course this will not reflect the
true statistics of all Fedora userbase. It never does. But it might
give an idea.

You might want to avoid putting in your own judgement in a neutral
survey. Leading questions often distort the nature of the answer.


The poll isn't neutral at all. It is clear how the poll creator feels about this change.

What this comes down to is, I lose a feature because some people pay no attention to detail, or should that be, use emacs and pay no attention to detail? It's a conspiracy!

TK I mash keys without thinking, thank you for saving me 009

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