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Re: My first DontZap use case while testing F11 beta

On 04/13/2009 06:50 PM, Peter Hutterer wrote:
A vote of a non-representative group is still non-representative even if you
increase the sample size. so I'm not sure how a vote on fedora-devel should be
worth more or less than a vote on xorg-devel, or gnome-devel, or... There are also a number of users that don't know what a mailing list is and
could not partake in such a vote. (I have evidence of at least one, presumably
there are others). if you have _actual_ representative data, I'll happily
listen. seriously.

Interesting logic -- first establish that it's not possible to get representative data, then offer to listen to "_actual_ representative" data... Catch 22?

I've spent
some time last week to actually make you (well, not particularly you, but..)
happy because:
- fedora-setup-keyboard merges this key automatically now.
- the C-A-B shortcut is enabled during gdm, which is usually when you notice
  that something output-related is broken.
- c-a-b works if you start your custom X session, it gets disabled (or not)
  when gnome-keyboard-properties applies the user-configured settings.
- gnome-keyboard-properties provides a simple checkbox to enable it if needed.
- the xkeyboard-config rules allow for different combinations for
  Terminate_Server, which is an improvement to the hardcoded value before.
- the keyboard driver now uses XKB instead of its own hardcoded zapping.

With the exception that the default is still disabled, everything around is
now working properly and pretty much like layouts generally do.
I'm sorry that you don't like the new default, but at least I've tried hard to
make it as easy for you to enable it again should you need it.

This sounds sane. Is it also the case with other desktops (e.g. KDE), window managers (should I choose to run, eh, AfterStep, instead of full blown desktop environment)?

Thanks for your work, Peter.


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