Saving space on the DVD

Chris Adams cmadams at
Thu Apr 16 02:27:39 UTC 2009

Once upon a time, Jesse Keating <jkeating at> said:
> Java itself will still be there, but many of the packages for
> development of java won't.

IMHO, the general utility of Java is probably less than the games.
Think of the uproar on corporate desktop years ago when they tried to
remove solitaire and minesweeper!  What was a Minesweeper Certified
Solitaire Expert supposed to do?

I think there's only one web site I regularly visit that uses Java (and
in a way I want to work): the National Weather Service animated maps.  I
visit a lot more sites that use flash (which I know we can't have fully
functional due to patents).  I know Java is not strictly a web thing,
but how much is there on the DVD that uses it?  If some corporate app is
going to be installed, Java can be installed then as well.

Alternative: dual/double layer DVDs have come down in price a good bit.
/me ducks and runs

Where can I find a list of the current package set that goes on the DVD?
I know I should know, because I think I've asked before, but I don't
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