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Re: F-10 kernel upgrade

On Apr 16, 2009, at 11:49 AM, Denis Leroy wrote:

I'm seeing a lot of regressions with the 2.6.29 update to F-10 here. GDM doesn't always log me in (it hangs after the password is entered, 'top' doesn't show any stuck process), and when it did I had Xorg eat 100% CPU with little useful info in the log files.

I've been running koji 2.6.29 builds on my main development box with no issues for a few weeks. Are you sure you didn't pick up something else?

What is the reasoning for pushing a 2.6.29 kernel to Fedora 10 (a stable release about half-way its lifetime) ? Was there something fundamentally wrong with the 2.6.27.x kernel ? Why introduce some much instability ?

I want the netlabel changes introduced in 2.6.28 and updated in 2.6.29.

I can understand there are people maybe waiting for new hardware support brought by this kernel, but woudn't they be better off with F-11 anyways?

Not for me :)


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