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Re: Getting rid of /usr for F12?

Lennart Poettering wrote:
On Fri, 17.04.09 06:48, Ralf Corsepius (rc040203 freenet de) wrote:

Lennart Poettering wrote:

there's one topic that keeps popping up in various discussions: can't
we get rid of /usr? The seperation of / and /usr doesn't make much
sense anymore.
This is a very short-sighed view.

Oh, is it?

[Note that this had been the "polite version" of what I actually think about your proposal.]

We could make /usr a symlink to / for an interims phase
and everything would be good for conservative folks who think the FHS
is the holy bible.
Religiousity isn't the point - The point is: There are reasons for why the FHS rsp. the GNU standards are setup the way they are.

First of all FHS is not a "GNU standard".
"The GNU standards" is a standard of its own, predating the FHS.

Secondly, it is of course very convincing if you just nebulously say
'there are rasons' instead of mentioning any.
Number #1 reason: /usr is ment to contains non-essential packages, only, and thus is allowed not to be present during certain stages of booting.

And for the folks who think /usr is awesome because it allows mounting
/usr ro while mounting / rw: it's not.
Much more useful it would be if
/ in its entirety could be mounted ro. Debian allows that. It's not
too hard to make that work on fedora as well.
You are oversimplifying.

Mounting / ro: will never work (/var, /tmp, /etc etc.) , while mounting /usr ro: should be pretty simply.

On Debian /etc doesn't need to be rw. And it wouldn't be too difficult
to allow the same on Fedora.
In theory, yes. However /etc still needs to be mountable rw: (To set up the system), while /bin, /sbin/, /lib, /usr ... in theory can even not be mountable "rw:" (Consider ROMs, CDROMs, etc.)


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