packages that have not yet rebuilt in dist-f11

Bill Nottingham notting at
Fri Apr 17 18:46:59 UTC 2009

The following packages have yet to be built in dist-f11, meaning they
haven't been rebuilt with the new compiler, they have not been built
with the new RPM hashes, and so on.

While we don't want to cause disruption, we would like to see these
fixed if reasonably possible.

Owner	Package
=====	=======
athimm	libFoundation
awjb	polyxmass-bin
behdad	preload
clumens	elilo
cweyl	perl-RRD-Simple
dbhole	velocity
dchen	reciteword
devrim	classpathx-jaf
edhill	scrip
ertzing	MyPasswordSafe
fnasser	geronimo-specs
fnasser	jakarta-commons-el
gemi	oorexx
gemi	smarteiffel
ghenry	Sprog
green	ws-commons-util
huzaifas	labrea
huzaifas	libtar
ivazquez	xmlcopyeditor
jcollie	libresample
jnovy	compat-db
joost	fpc
jpye	fityk
jtulach	javahelp2
kurzawa	incollector
llim	redhat-lsb
mgarski	xscorch
mwringe	jline
mwringe	modello
mwringe	msv
mwringe	xdoclet
nsantos	ws-jaxme
olea	htmlparser
orphan	klear
pcheung	axis
pcheung	castor
pcheung	tagsoup
pfj	boo
pingou	R-BSgenome.Celegans.UCSC.ce2
pingou	R-BSgenome.Dmelanogaster.FlyBase.r51
pingou	R-hgu95av2probe
pmachata	flex
rakesh	coredumper
rezso	libgeotiff
sindrepb	cowbell
subhodip	kdetv
xris	orpie

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