My first DontZap use case while testing F11 beta

Lars E. Pettersson lars at
Fri Apr 17 19:36:48 UTC 2009

On 04/17/2009 08:38 PM, Anders Rayner-Karlsson wrote:
> While I am not a representative figure of the user population, I had a
> case today where:

Yes, but a new Linux user will not be able to do what you describe. They 
will try all things they can come up with, pressing the keyboard blindly 
etc., and finally press the reset button, or power cycle the computer.

I can not see that this is a good way to solve a problem where a few (!) 
persons accidentally have pressed ctrl-alt-backspace in the past.

Ctrl-alt-backspace *is* useful, and should, IMHO, be *on* by default, as 
it always has been. If upstream thinks otherwise, Fedora should be able 
to set it to on, as, as seen in this thread, and apparently in a lot of 
others, a lot of users are *against* removing this feature.

> C-A-Bs is akin to Alt-SysRq-C if you have SysRq's enabled. The default
> setting should be "off" so that people by accident can't trigger
> it. If you need it - you get to enable it yourself. That is a sensible
> default for a debug function.

How often does people actually accidentally press ctrl-alt-backspace? I 
have *never* done it.

I do not consider ctrl-alt-backspace a debug function. Sadly programs 
still hangs X once in a while, and having a keystroke available to press 
to kill X, when all you need to do is killing X, is good thing to have, 
and it should, IMHO, be available till we have a X that does not hang as 
often as it still does. Why having to reboot the machine when you 
actually only need to restart X? It does not make any sense, at least 
not to me.

Lars E. Pettersson <lars at>

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