My first DontZap use case while testing F11 beta

TK009 john.brown009 at
Sun Apr 19 14:43:31 UTC 2009

Anders Rayner-Karlsson wrote:
> * Christopher Stone <chris.stone at> [20090418 22:47]:
> [snip]
>> It wont happen.  Microsoft is probably spending less than ten grand
>> paying off a few key developers to disable a feature by default.  This
>> is how the world works unfortunately.  If the community wants to
>> revert the default, they will have to come up with more money than
>> Microsoft is paying them to disable it.
>> So, how much is Microsoft paying you guys?  Anyone who has been
>> posting to this thread who has been receiving kickback money, please
>> let us know how much you are getting.
> This is getting dargerously close to libel, and certainly is in the
> realm of slander. Both are criminal offenses. Please have a think
> about the ramifications and the consequenses of what you say. Just
> because it is a mailing list, you are not somehow excluded from the
> law.
thank you mr. laywer for pointing that out to all of us, it was funny to 
read tho =)

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