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2009-04-21 - Fedora Test Day - Minimal platform

Greetings testers,

Calling all package gurus and dependency junkies!  The Fedora 11
MinimalPlatform feature [1] aims to provide a tiny installation package
set by identifying unwanted deps from @Core and related groups.  As
described in the feature page, the benefits to Fedora include:

      * Security - lower the attack surface by installing only necessary
      * Performance - faster installation and less running services
      * Storage - installation is less than 500MB

There will also be several new tools available to help navigate
dependencies, including rpmreaper and rpm2comps. 

Come join #fedora-qa this Tuesday, April 21 2009 to help put an end to
deps creep.  Test cases and a Fedora live image will be available to aid
testing. Stay tuned for more details are available at


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/MinimalPlatform

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