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mono-2.4 and ppc64 status

Mono-2.4 has been built for ppc64 in F11 and devel.  So people should be
able to start rebuilding packages to include ppc64 as well as the other
arches.  There's a few wrinkles to watch out for:

1) Packages with dependencies will have to be built in dependency order.
 For instance, a lot of packages depend on the gtk-sharp2 bindings and
those haven't been built yet.

2) Because of the imminent release of F11 we're in a freeze state.  This
 means getting dependencies into the Fedora11 buildroot will require
people to request tagging explicitly.  This also means that if you
rebuild your package for F11 with ppc64 support and later you have to
get this package tagged into the release, all of the packages it depends
on will need to be tagged in as well (otherwise your ppc64 build will
have broken deps).

With these in mind, I'd recommend people start rebuilding their mono
packages on ppc64 in the devel branch.  Keep track of the dependency
chain you encounter.  Then perform your builds in the Fedora 11 branch
as updates after the release.  I'm not a mono-sig member, though, so if
you guys decide something else makes sense, just be sure to come up with
a plan so we don't release with a bunch of broken dependencies.


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