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Can we have a Delta-DVD release

The problem of space on the DVD has been an issue in the last few DVD releases of Fedora, requiring the removal of previously included packages.

Now, isn't it the case that many fedora users download F8, F9, F10 ... iso images every 6 months or so?

So wouldn't it make sense to have a delta image made from successive releases and an accompanying script which would read from a previously existing iso image or disk and recreate the "full" iso image, splitting it into 2 dvd disc images if required or merging for transfer to a double-sided dvd or large usb stick?

(I don't think it would be a huge ask of anaconda to install from 2 disks rather than 1)

Even if the image size is kept below 4.3GB for a single disk, the delta download would be welcomed by many.

After all, I think some of the large language packages would have a pretty small delta between 6 month release cycles.

btw, I don't expect this ready for F11 ;)


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