Proposal: Single GPG key per Fedora release (starting with 11)

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at
Tue Apr 21 07:41:17 UTC 2009

On 04/21/09 01:17, Jesse Keating wrote:
> As I mentioned in an earlier thread I was interested in reducing the
> number of gpg keys down to one per release.  Currently we have two, one
> we sign development builds with during beta/preview and updates-testing,
> and then one we sign the released packages with and the stable updates
> with.  Multiple keys per release creates a lot of churn, reduces the
> number of hardlinks we can maintain, and causes a lot of delay in
> getting package sets prepped for the different releases.  As such I'm
> proposing that we reduce the keys down to one per release, used for all
> the scenarios listed, starting with Fedora 11.

What is the plan for rawhide?

Would be great if packages don't need to be (re-)signed for (test) 
releases.  So I could ask jidgo to scan the local rawhide mirror for 
packages when composing a beta iso.


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