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Re: Finding file conflicts

On Tue, 21 Apr 2009 22:00:01 +0300, Axel wrote:

> > The script I use to check a set of repositories is old and unfinished:
> > http://mschwendt.fedorapeople.org/confcheck-remote-split2.py
> What is unfinished in this script?

Some TODO areas/comments in it.
Limited/dumb multilib support - with a currently hardcoded flag.
Obsoletes/Conflicts tag checks only without in-range comparison of EVRs.
File mode conflicts only as warnings in output.
No command-line option yet to make it reuse data calculated in pass 1 of 2.
Some hardcoded Yum API changes, so it currently runs on Fedora >= 8
and perhaps EL5, but probably not EL4.

> Can one use it against a repo like
> Bruno writes,

Yes. By default it uses /etc/yum.conf and the system's list of compatible
archs, but one can point it to a custom yum.conf.

I usually run it with option "-r rawhide" to check Rawhide and
add a couple of additional -r options for RPM Fusion.

> or against a package and a repo like I suggested?

A local package would need to be put into a local repo, because
the script can check repos only.

> (Of course performance is an issue, so if the scripts takes a while it
> can's be chained in, yet, but it would be a start)

It takes approx. 1G of RAM, half a GB of disk space, and several minutes
to run it. ;o)

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