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Re: FOSS needs a central bug tracker

On Tue, 2009-04-21 at 20:45 +0200, Mark wrote:
> OpenID is indeed a solution to one of the problems (multiple bug
> reporting accounts). But that would only work if:
> 1. All bug trackers support OpenID
> 2. all currently using a bug tracker update to a version that uses OpenID.

Which is quite conceivably doable. 

Interoperation, not unification.

> >From the reply's so far i see that fedora (or the ones that did
> respond) would like the idea but have a hard time believing that
> something this massive can be done.
> So. do you guys think i can start trying to contact the top 10
> distributions and see if i can get them all together on one place to
> talk about it (just an irc channel somewhere) or would that be a waste
> of time to do?

I don't know that you have the necessary interpersonal skills to be the
front man on this...

I'd concentrate on just getting Fedora OpenID enabled. Make us the
vanguard of progress we're supposed to be. Once we've got it all worked
out, we upstream all our patches, and start lobbying other projects to
use them...

What we need:

A universal Fedora account for all Fedora services. We mostly have this
for Fedora developers but I don't know where we are on having end-user
accounts. The FAS-Bugzilla integration could be better. All bugzilla
accounts should also be FAS accounts, and thus be able to be used as
OpenID providers because...

... Then we make FAS an OpenID provider. Lobby everyone else to OpenID
enable their bug trackers. Fedora users and developers can then easily
push things to upstream bug trackers using their Fedora accounts.

Likewise, make FAS an OpenID consumer, so that upstream developers can
use our bugzilla using their preferred (possibly their own) OpenID

Once the user ID problem is sorted out, then it becomes easier to
integrate bug trackers in other ways. Such as direct bug transport
across bugzillas...

Hrm, I'm not the first to think about this:


If you use Gmail, AIM, livejournal etc you already have an OpenID:


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