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Re: FOSS needs a central bug tracker

On 04/22/2009 04:58 AM, Callum Lerwick wrote:
On Tue, 2009-04-21 at 22:37 +0200, Mark wrote:
I'm also playing a bit with the idea that there is one central bug
tracking system with ALL (ideally) foss projects in it and that place
is the main and upstream place(that's the general idea you all know by

No. This is not desirable. Forget it, it's never going to happen. Clear
your mind. Think git, not CVS. Think distributed bug tracking.

Interoperation, not consolidation.

And there's the basic fact that no one wants a single point of failure.
What if the One Bug Tracker To Rule Them All goes down? The entire Open
Source world screeches to a halt? Who is everyone going to trust to run
this thing? What if the OBTTRTA gets hacked?

The beauty of Open Source is that people are *not* forced to work
I think the same argument could be made to apply to FreeNode for IRC, and yet, it seems to be working out just fine for the vast majority of FOSS projects. So, the "One X to Y them all" concept can theoretically work for some aspects of FOSS development. However, everyone's (almost, at least) are already using FreeNode, so we don't really have to convince anyone.

Having said that, I think you're on to something about the git vs. CVS concept - distributed bug tracking. There's already something minorly akin to this with feature of remote bugs in Bugzilla, such as in Ubuntu's launchpad or Gnome's Bugzilla. Maybe it's not single-sign on that's needed, but a standard interface for bugs across different implementations, such that data can be gleaned from them via web services. Yeah, doesn't sound so yummy, but it's something that can be implemented gradually, as well.

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