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Re: FOSS needs a central bug tracker

On 04/22/2009 08:18 AM, Mark wrote:

Ehm.. this is not a new piece of software that's going to compete with
existing ones.
It's a piece that will join all existing ones, offer a database where
the existing ones "hook" in, without losing the existing ones (or
that's what would be best if you ask me).

How about a meta website that, for every project, can keep track of various bug trackers that are used for that project (for example, all Gnome apps are tracked both in the Gnome bugzilla as well as the Red Hat one, and possibly elsewhere, as well).  This site would just consume data from the various sources and allow someone to get a snapshot.  This would, of course require some modifications to all bug trackers, but in a way that is interoperable and freedom-friendly.

This may be what you meant, but I wanted to spell out exactly what I was thinking when I read it, so that there's no ambiguity.

Think of it kind of like distrowatch for general OS information, but specialized for bugs, and directly feeding from the bug trackers themselves.

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