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Re: How to cross-upgrade Fedora x86(32-bit) => x86_64(64-bit) using 'preupgrade'

Gerry Reno wrote:
> For the past couple months I've been working on finding a way to
> successfully upgrade Fedora x86(32-bit) to x86_64(64-bit).  I had almost
> given up because nothing seemed to work despite dozens of different
> approaches.  Then a couple days ago I started a new set of experiments
> and now I have successfully cross-upgraded three different systems using
> this technique.  On the three machines that I used, all the configs that
> I set up were still in place after the upgrade.  The machines behaved
> normally and I have not found any sign of problems yet.  But, it would
> be difficult to see how this technique could ever be fully automated
> because it requires a certain amount of manual inspection in a number of
> places.  And it's probably something that could not be officially
> supported.  But at least it appears there may now be a technique to
> perform a successful 32-bit => 64-bit upgrade.  And for those who have
> heavily configured machines this may be worth a try.  Anyway, here's the
> technique

Could you post this to the wiki?  It could serve much the same purpose
as the Yum Upgrade[1]_ page serves.



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