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Re: Independent Fedora bug tracker

On Thu, 23 Apr 2009, Basil Mohamed Gohar wrote:

> On 04/23/2009 12:14 AM, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
> > Biggest Con is that infrastructure which already has limited resources would
> > need to run it. AFAIK  we have no one with experience that could setup and
> > run
> > a bugzilla/ other bug tracking system.  this is largely the reason why we
> > have
> > not done it.
> >
> > The other reason its not been done is that we need a way to move bugs to Red
> > Hat's bugzilla and move from Red Hat's bugzilla to whatever we run.  people
> > misfile bugs.  they effect fedora and rhel and need cloning.  there is alot
> > of
> > extra bits needed that you seem to not have considered.
> >
> > Step 1 find people to do the work,
> > Step 2 do an analysis of the needed workflows.
> > Step 3 find hardware, bandwidth and all needed resources
> > Step 4 setup system, and migration plans
> >
> > Just trying to point out its not as simple as you seem to think.
> >
> > Dennis
> Actually, I think the Fedora Infrastructure team, from what I've witnessed, is
> more the capable of doing this.  Unless I'm totally clueless (which I may be),
> if Fedora Infrastructure undertook running an issue tracking system
> themselves, I do not think it would be the most complex system in the whole
> project.  I think they handle far more challenging tasks on a day-to-day
> basis.

Nothing personal but you're not in a position to make this judgement.
We've not even setup a test version populated with data about the size
that would be required for Fedora so no analysis of what we could or could
not do has been done.


> I think the misfiling of bugs would be far *less* if we had separate issue
> trackers.  What are the odds a Fedora user is going to file something on Red
> Hat's Bugzilla, if they've never heard of it before (I can understand, during
> the transition, a lot of this happening).  Likewise, who would file a bug for
> RHEL in Fedora's issue tracker, if they're completely separate websites?
> Maybe I just didn't understand what you meant here.
> I definitely didn't think it was simple.  Rather, I feel it is important and
> we should make a goal to achieve.
> And everyone keeps talking about bandwidth for Bugzilla.  Am I missing
> something?  Are there huge binary files being transferred that I'm missing?
> How many GB/day are we talking?
> I believe allowing Fedora Infrastructure to run their own issue tracker will
> result in a leaner & meaning instance that will likely run better than Red
> Hat's, if only because it'll be fresher, but also because they'll have greater
> control to suit the community's needs.
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