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Re: Mono and pkg-config files

Michael Schwendt wrote:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/477308
> gtk-sharp2 pulls in a set of -devel packages due to the new pkgconfig
> dependencies in Fedora >= 11.
> Does Mono need the pkgconfig .pc files at run-time?
I know of no case that mono needs the .pc files at run-time.

The bug report you have linked reminds me of similar discussions we had
when the mono packaging guidelines were being drafted.  It was thought
at that time that creating a -devel package for a single .pc file was
preferable to dragging a bunch of -devel packages onto an end-user's box
that just needs runtime support.

You can point people at:

If people would like to get the Mono Guidelines changed to address
issues like this, we're definitely open to having more sensible
Guidelines.  However, they'd have to address the underlying issues (in
this case, that the pkgconfig files are dragging in other -devel packages).


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