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Re: Fedora 11 nerfed my mixer

On Friday 24 April 2009 06:38:52 Adam Williamson wrote:
> I don't see anything particularly wrong with those numbers. Obviously a
> lot of valid bugs have been filed and properly fixed. The amount that
> are currently outstanding is not at all unreasonable as a proportion of
> the total, and not an unmanageable number of bugs taken absolutely. I
> suspect you'd see very similar proportions if you looked at, say, all
> kernel bugs, or all X bugs.
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> Adam Williamson
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> http://www.happyassassin.net

The important part is not numbers.
Much more important is what that bugs are about.
Try to find bugs with keys "skipping" "choppy" "lag" "crackling".
You'll find a few NEW bugs but you'll also find a lot of CLOSED bugs.
This "about skipping" bugs are reported every few weeks.
Soon they're closed. A week later they are reported again.
Will it help if I reply to each of that bugs with "me too"?

And let me state again: I don't find the situation with ALSA good.
I'm sure there is a need for a system-wide sound server,
and PA may become that server. I enjoy the way projectM-pulse works.

But for now (for me)
NO PA = One application can use the sound card 
and that application works as expected.
PA = Many applications can use the sound card at once,
but none of them works as expected - a combination of clicking,
fast playback, kaffeine eating CPU and memory and no sound input.

The fact that PA is default makes me fill like someone 
is using me as a sea-hog to test alpha software.
But I may even agree with that situation.
The thing I don't like at all, is when you say PA has (big) problems
and PA maintainers tell you that there are no problems and if you have
one you should report it and it will be fixed (at once), 
and if it isn't fixed then you're a minority and you are not important.


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