Fedora 11 nerfed my mixer

Joonas Sarajärvi muepsj at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 17:55:55 UTC 2009

2009/4/24 Nikolay Vladimirov <nikolay at vladimiroff.com>:
> Some OffTopic comment.
> A while ago I bought a brand new notebook and the audio hardware
> wasn't supported( actually I had to give the correct model= option).
> So it took me about 10 minutes to get a pulseaudio server on my
> roommate's windows machine and even that my machine couldn't play
> audio I had very easy solution if I wanted to listen to some music.
> Later on I had working audio but my roommate had some nice 5.1 system
> so I also used that without having to plug-unplug the audio from one
> machine to another all the time .
> So since fedora9 until latest rawhide pulseaudio worked flawlessly for me.
> I think it's good to know that there are happy users out there and I
> know a lot who are.

I'd also like to add similar experiences about Pulseaudio.

Things I like about Pulseaudio:

When visiting my parents, I was very happy with Pulseaudio in my
Laptop being able to play music over the wlan to a desktop computer
that was running Fedora and Pulseaudio. It was easy to set up, and
worked quite reliably.

I can play sounds from multiple programs simultaneously.

I can adjust every program's volume independently of the others.

I can use pavucontrol to see if a silence is the result of a program
not talking to PA correctly, or if it has something to do with volumes
being too low or speakers off, etc.

Even Wine seems to talk nicely to Pulse nowadays.

I can plug in a USB headset, it works out of the box, and I can
immediately move the output of appropriate programs to them.

I can unplug the USB headset, with their streams being automatically
redirected to another output, if one is available.

Contrary to the experiences of some people on this list, Pulseaudio
seems to be quite compatible with different hardware and sound
drivers. My laptop and desktop currently have it running flawlessly,
with no manual configuration required. The desktop at my parents'
place has it working good, as far as I can tell with the little use
that I have done there. My girlfriend hasn't complained about it on
her laptop either, though she doesn't use the audio features very

Pulseaudio is very nice in an LTSP setup.

Things that I don't like about Pulseaudio:

I had some problems with sound stuttering in early F10, in the new
glitch-free Pulseaudio. However, these got eventually fixed a couple
of months ago.

Some pieces of software seem harder to get behave well with
Pulseaudio. Hard ones have been some games in Wine, Ekiga (fixed now),
Audacity (I hear it's nowadays better) and some native Linux games
(None that I play currently have issues, though).

On the whole, I am anyway very pleased with Pulseaudio, and I look
forward to the remaining issues eventually getting resolved, so that
as many as possible can enjoy the good features that it offers.

Joonas Sarajärvi
muepsj at gmail.com

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