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Re: Fedora 11 nerfed my mixer

On Sun, 26.04.09 17:25, David Woodhouse (dwmw2 infradead org) wrote:

> >  the same way it is not necessary to install gcc, patch, git
> > and the kernel sources just because the kernel drivers might need
> > quirks, too.
> I think that's a good analogy. We don't just declare use cases to be
> uninteresting and refuse to support them in the kernel -- we add quirks,
> so the user can make things work properly. The user retains full
> control.
> We should be allowing the user to retain full control of the mixer too
> -- they definitely shouldn't need to use it in the _default_ case, but
> there should be _some_ way for them to fix things when we don't get it
> right. Preferably in such a way that we can learn from what they've
> done, improve our database and get it right for similar machines in the
> future.

Ah, now you admit that the low-level alsa mixer is not necessary for
the default case. So why do you want to push it into the default
install then?


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