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Re: The Great Pulseaudio Mixer Debate: a modest (productive) proposal

On Sunday 26 April 2009 16:15:17 Lennart Poettering wrote:

> Uh. We certainly can get rid of them. Many of the more modern HDA
> designs got rid of the entire volume control logic and instead
> increased the PCM bit depth to 24 bit everywhere of which the usual 4-8
> bit headroom can be used for volume control. In ALSA these are all
> those devices where the 'softvol' module does volume control.

Sure, that's great. But why can't you see that I'm not going to run out and buy 
a new sound card (with less functionality than my existing one) just because 
you declare it's "obsolete"?

This is what is the most unbelievable thing. You won't understand that some 
people don't have the financial resources to go replace everything NOW. And not 
all fedora installs are being done on brand new hardware. I for one am stuck 
with what I have in my workplace for quite some time, very few companies would 
upgrade it just because I complain that PulseAudio can't support it ;o)

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