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Re: Things to do this week instead of arguing about mixers

On Mon, 27 Apr 2009, Eric Sandeen wrote:

* Come up with some template autoconf magic to make it easy for
 apps to detect fallocate() at build time, and some example
 code on how to use it
 - Should it fall back to posix_fallocate if fallocate is absent?

* Decide on some consistent buildt-time, run-time, and
 configuration behavior when enabling this
 - should build time use posix_fallocate if only it is available?
 - config enabled == use fallocate whenever the fs supports it?
 - config enabled == fall back to posix_fallocate or not?
 - I'd be happy enough with exclusively using fallocate()

* Come up with a list of apps which could benefit:
 - all torrent clients?
 - rsync? (some patches have floated before)
 - rpm? (file installation and/or db files?)
 - databases?
 - file downloaders?
 - virt image tools?
 - ____ ?

* Work with Fedora package maintainers and/or upstream to get this
 hooked up where appropriate

Is any of the above implemented at a layer where yum could take advantage of it? b/c I can imagine being able to say "we're going to need X amount of space to download all these pkgs" and then have rpm say "and we'll need X amount of space in order to actually RUN the transaction"


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