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Re: Things to do this week instead of arguing about mixers

John Reiser <jreiser BitWagon com> writes:
> Eric Sandeen wrote:
>> Now that we have ext4 as the new default filesystem, it'd be nice if we
>> can get more applications to take advantage of some of the features.
>   [snip]
>> Only a few applications are taking advantage of [preallocation] so far,
>> in part because it's new.

> And in part because the compatibility issues are a pain.

And in part because they don't give a damn.  It's really hard to name
very many applications where this is likely to give a big enough
performance boost to justify dealing with filesystem-dependent
optimizations.  (Because it's filesystem dependent, you couldn't even
drive it off a configuration switch; you'd have to probe at runtime
to determine whether there was anything you could do.)

As an example: you don't seriously believe that this is the bottleneck
for downloading RPM files, do you?

			regards, tom lane

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