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Question about F10 Freetype's autohinter

Does grayscale full-hinting not work in Fedora's freetype?

Switching between full and medium hinting seems to have no effect in
F10.  The font rendering does not change.  I am certain I have no
bizarre ~/.fonts.conf or /etc/fonts/local.conf settings.

Full hinting _does_ work when subpixel-smoothing is used.  But if I
recall, the fact that subpixel-smoothing works at all in F10 is due to
an oversight by the developers, which will be rolled back in F11.

Is full-hinting only available when subpixel-smoothing is on?  I
recall that Ubuntu seems to support both full and medium hinting, even
in grayscale mode.  (Although the last time I tried it was back around
7.10, so it's highly possible things have changed since then).

It is true that Ubuntu also uses the patented bytecode interpreter
instead of the autohinter.  However, even if you enable that in Fedora
with freetype-freeworld, there still seems to be no distinction
between medium/full hinting in Fedora, when using grayscale smoothing.

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