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Re: Abandon "Default Desktop"

Naheem Zaffar wrote:
2009/4/27 Arthur Pemberton <pemboa gmail com <mailto:pemboa gmail com>>

    On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 5:04 PM, Naheem Zaffar
    <naheemzaffar gmail com <mailto:naheemzaffar gmail com>> wrote:
    > When Fedora has defaults, to me it means that someone has put
    some thought
    > into this, into making it all coherent. And that is a good
    thing. If I
    > disagree with any default, I can then try to work around it, but
    that would
    > only be a 1% change decision in most cases instead of forcing
    the end user
    > to choose 100% of the components.

    What's the criteria being used to decide the default desktop?

The people who work on it, develop it choosing choosing the defaults as so. If I did not trust them on their decisions, I would not be using their products (as much?).

(Trust as opposed to agree as I can disagree and change the settings/programs.)

For the record this thread is not about how they came to decide using Gnome
as the default desktop environment back in the day.

Nor is it about replacing the current default desktop with another one.

It´s about dropping the Default Desktop concept altogether which will allow all the desktop environments to compete on a fair ground amongst them self's in the form of their corresponding live release thus improving innovation and further development in that area.

This would aid Fedora in becoming the ideal development platform for both existing and emerging projects
instead of hindrance where one application is chosen over the other one.

Let the end user choose what he wants from all the bits we offer instead of saying "USE THESE BITS"

So the question is this...

Should we or should we not drop the Default Desktop concept?

If we decided we will abandon default desktop concept only then we can start talking about what
are the necessary steps to complete that task.

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