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Re: FESCo Meeting Summary for 20090424

Lennart Poettering wrote:
What I did say however is that using the input feedback
functionality of your sound card as a way to connect two machines to a
single set of speakers is an exotic usage I don't see the need for to
expose in the UI.

Funny, I've done that twice (at home, and at work). Doesn't seem at all unusual for any case of having more than one machine. (I wouldn't even think it's that unusual even to do things like patching, say, a PS3 through a computer.)

From our perspectives, this usage isn't "exotic" at all, and that you continually insist it is feels offensive.

I've also seen people doing things like hooking multiple independent sound systems to single inputs (not computers, granted). IOW, I've seen more sound setups you consider "exotic" than setups you apparently consider "mainstream"... *especially* if you take laptops out of the equation. Now, I don't have a representative sample, but *neither do you*. Try seeing things from our perspective, for a change, instead of assuming that you have the truth and we are aberrations.

(Fortunately I am a KDE user, and have kmix, and so this conversation mostly doesn't apply to me.)

Oh, and, please do not quote my e-mail address unobfuscated in message bodies. Better yet, please configure your mailer not to do so.

You lose the ability to have more than one CD to play from.

No you don't. I had (and still have, AFAIK) two CDAA cables plugged into my sound card (one is in AUX), and I believe I have a third AA cable from a TV tuner. (To be fair, I don't know which, if any, are still needed, but at any rate, you're wrong that it can't be done.)

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