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GConf changes in F12

I've committed patches to GConf and intltool that change the way schema
translations are handled. 

Previously, translations were merged by intltool from .po files into
schemas files and then copied by gconftool from the schemas file into
the database. 

Now, translations are kept in .po files, and intltool only copies the
gettext domain into the schemas, and further into the GConf database.
The only tool that ever uses these translations, gconf-editor, knows how
to get them from the message catalogs.

The big advantage of this change is that schemas shrink radically, which
should help a lot with the 'slow updates due to GConf' problem. It also
reduces the redundancy of storing the schema translations in three
places, which should help with live cd size.

Since the changes are somewhat involved, I'd like to ask for feedback in
case something appears odd or broken wrt. to GConf schemas and their
translations in the near future.

Thanks, Matthias

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