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Re: Things to do this week instead of arguing about mixers

On Wednesday, April 29 2009, Kevin Kofler said:
> Jeremy Katz wrote:
> > Anaconda won't let you have an ext4 / without a separate /boot so people
> > shouldn't end up getting into trouble
> People are going to try to migrate their existing ext3 / to ext4 by one of
> the manual instructions and miss the GRUB warning. Poof, a system which
> stopped booting. Oops...
> I don't see why the GRUB ext4 patches didn't get into F11, they were
> definitely ready in time!

They didn't make it in time for the freezes because the people doing the
work were too focused on other pieces like corruption bugs, the fsync
threads of doom, efi support in grub, fixing grub to build with the new
compiler, ...  It wasn't that "they were ready" -- there was some
testing and integration work that still had to happen. 

> IMHO they should get tagged in even now.

Right, because changing the bootloader in an invasive fashion when we're
past every public milestone seems like a *great* idea!  The patches
*aren't* just "add ext4".  The filesystem driver code in grub is for
ext* and thus it would impact everyone who's using ext2 and ext3 for
/boot as well.

I don't know, I think I'd rather risk problems for people who don't read
directions than *every user of Fedora*.   


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