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Re: Network Manager in F11 Preview

On Wed, 2009-04-29 at 11:12 -0400, Mark Bidewell wrote:
> When I installed F11 preview.  Network manager configured my eth0 to
> never be activiated automatically.  Since this was the only NIC on the
> system the result was no network.  Easily fixable but not user
> friendly.  I use KDE so I am not sure if this goes against network
> manager or knetworkmanager.  Any thoughts?

People can't have it both ways.  Anaconda will write ONBOOT=no if you
are not installing over the network, and thus your interface will not be
"autoconnect".  If you do install over a network, then anaconda will
write ONBOOT=yes, and you will get autoconnect.  That's the root cause
of your problem.  Not sure how to fix it, because there are legitimate
reasons for not making all interfaces autoconnect when you don't do a
network install.  Part of that is security; don't bring a network up
until you really need it, since connecting to a network makes a machine
less secure.

Not sure how to fix this, it's more of a policy decision at install-time
than anything technical.


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