Build Failure regarding Boost

Tim Niemueller tim at
Tue Dec 1 15:51:02 UTC 2009

Hi all.

I'm trying to build the newest version 3.0.0 of the Player package. It
builds just fine on F11/F12, but it fails with an error that
"-lboost_thread" cannot be found on rawhide. boost-devel is in the BR,
boost-thread is being installed according to root.log.

The package uses cmake for building, where I suspect the problem. On my
(F-11) machine it links with -lboost_thread-mt). But on rawhide it uses
the non-mt version (well, a non-multithreaded threading library is kind
of an issue). On my system I have cmake 2.6.3, while rawhide has 2.8.0.
Is there a known problem? Does anyone else maintain a project build with
cmake and using Boost and can give a hint how to solve?

The failed build is at

Any ideas to get this fixed are welcome,

    Tim Niemueller <tim at>
 Imagination is more important than knowledge. (Albert Einstein)

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