Odd partition error in F12, but not in F11

Brent Norris brent at brentnorris.net
Wed Dec 2 01:32:02 UTC 2009

I have a friend that doesn't read the list that has been fighting a very 
odd issue with F12, which does not surface in F11.

On a clean install from the F12 DVD with the updates repo enabled, he 
created a RAID 5 setup across 6 drives.  Each drive has only one 
partition on it.  When the machine reboots it cannot rebuild the raid 
because it cannot find 4 of the 6 partitions.  It drops to the root 
prompt and from there if you do an ls /dev/sd?* four of the drives show 
no entries for the partitions while the other two show the normal one 
partition.  If you open one of the incorrect drives with fdisk it shows 
the correct partition table and if you write it out from fdisk it then 
shows correctly in /dev

If you do this to each of the drives they all show up and then mdadm can 
assemble the raid correctly.  Reboot the machine and you are right back 
to where you started.

dmesg seems to show the kernel correctly listing each drive and 
correctly listing them with each one partition, but the entries are not 
in /dev for the partitions.

We rolled back to F11 and performed the same process and it worked fine. 
  I am really at a loss for what to look at or what to test against.  We 
currently have the machine up and working with F11, so I can get any 
information about hardware that might help.

I posted it here rather than the users list, because I don't really 
think this is a configuration problem.  It seems like a bug in F12, but 
I don't know what to check it against.


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