Ubuntu Xorg Guru calls for help. Was Re: Fedora 12 Graphics Issues: Cancel F13 and concentrate on fixing F12 ?

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Wed Dec 2 16:16:09 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-12-02 at 11:01 +0000, Ikem Krueger wrote:
> > Nope, Bryce doesn't get to work on upstream in any significant way as
> > part of his Ubuntu work. I was chatting with Dave about this on IRC the
> > other day. The most significant submission to upstream X.org that's ever
> > come out of Ubuntu is a quirk table. (yippee.)
> Did you chatted with Bryce?

Let's chat with git:

atropine:~/xserver% git log --author=bryce | grep -c ^commit  

atropine:~/drivers/intel% git log --author=bryce --pretty=oneline
6b93afc564a5e74b0eaaa46c95f557449951b3b9 add pipe a force quirk for Dell mini
6c56521bdc0443c0656271caaa795feb13bc1d6b pipe-a quirk for thinkpad x30
83377b543defdca7226d7c1a7794e4ff3d8b4c84 Pipe-A quirk for HP 2730p (bug #18852)
6c4e134a1a30785c2e5c6d57b21fde54a2dd3413 PipeA quirk for Quanta/W251U (launchpad bug #244242)
afa630b448e5993850433c9f0b129758ec4d37b5 Add TV out quirk for HP Compaq nx6110
231a302013981cc597ba09ee89b367c8ab56e8ba Two more Dell quirks
d91d9e6a2f2ba18b35cb6fd7bc3fe8bc617eb44f More Pipe A force quirks
be746a90a87d7a9807fa4243493e7e4d48f7f1c0 More quirks from ubuntu/dell
37bc23660a8c346f1eaa6c93ed2c7a840828f0b0 Quirks from Ubuntu/Dell

atropine:~/drivers/ati% git log --author=bryce --pretty=oneline
c71b2f050e8996787eae463eddbfdb5864ffa65a radeon: AGPMode quirk needed for SiS
e3659ed06fc5bb8817f1dbd7c2d6bc94c67b30f7 radeon: AGPMode quirk needed for IBM Thinkpad T40 with Mobility M7 LW
2391531ed6b7c11ddd5ab91b2369821cc5f8b8a7 radeon: AGPMode quirk needed for HP Omnibook 6200
49b57767d0d2c041517b0764c2ed2d2ba5a7092c Quirk for RV280 on 82865G/PE/P DRAM Controller/Host-Hub
fe73d9a7dfe8ec5c8f1a8dc08e14b4e138aa9276 Add another AGP quirk
36a7dc6ea1e1929e986ab1159497c71521cb2f10 Additional AGP quirks
937b7ac2a259cf504a19dcf62a58b1db1afb8eb9 Add AGP quirk table
1cf7a5494fa94e8d9f30f9b2905dfbe6d4faa445 radeon: Fix pasto in connector table setup for vga powerbooks

- ajax
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