Proposed F13 feature: drop separate updates repository

Casey Dahlin cdahlin at
Wed Dec 2 17:01:49 UTC 2009

On Wed, Dec 02, 2009 at 11:06:22AM -0500, Josh Boyer wrote:
> 1) Composing a new everything tree for updates would lead to larger
> compose times.  That could possibly mean that getting updates out would
> take > 1 day per 'push'.  We've been trying to improve updates push
> times so it would be a bit detrimental to that goal.

This might be a good opportunity to look at some way of pushing
incremental sets of packages rather than re-building the entire yum repo
each time. Mashing is not a cheap operation.

> 2) There might be GPL compliance issues
> 3) You would still need an 'updates-testing' repository given that this
> is a supposedly stable release.  So there is still going to be at least
> one additional repo regardless.

We have tags for updates that mark them as bugfix/feature/security.
Maybe we could have one for "testing" which would keep yum from
installing the package unless explicitly asked or specially configured.

> However, other than 'browsing manually for packages', I'm not really
> sure what problem you are trying to solve by getting rid of the
> updates repository.  It would seem like this has quite a bit of cost
> for relatively little to no real gain?

This is true. I don't know that manual package browsing is a use case
we've ever been interested in, and if we're going to be interested in it
there's probably a better way (search engine in the Fedora community
portal comes to mind).

> josh

You owe me $5.


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